We use research, strategy and design combined with your ideas to deliver digital products that solve complex problems for real people in the real world. Our solutions are founded in user-centered design which gives an extensive attention to customer needs, wants and limitations at each stage of the design process.

We have a selection of tools to help you develop your company’s strategy focusing on what really matters.

Stakeholder workshops

We gather stakeholders and promote communication and discussion to gather relevant information about the context of the product and the goals related to the business. To help us gather this information and gain a better understanding, we use a set of methods that have been designed to extract and prioritize the information we need, in a fun and enjoyable way.

What are the benefits?

  • Define the scope for the project
  • Discover the project and product or service context
  • Get all the business concerns, constraints and interesting parties
  • Get insights and a variety of ideas from people of all backgrounds and interests that are part of the organization

Brand Experience

We facilitate a workshop to generate a meaningful conversation about what the brand experience should be. The goal here is to create a common vision between all the people involved in order to get a consistent product aligned with the business goals. We will create a workshop focused on the type of product or service that we will be working on.

What are the benefits?

  • Have all the different points of view of the different stakeholders.
  • Engage all the people involved and create a unique visual language
  • Gain insight into the expectations of the stakeholders regarding the visual components and the image that they want to build for the product.

We gather all the information necessary to define the experience attributes that will help us connect to the customer and create a perfect moment for him. In the end, we will get an idea of where our product or service will be positioned in the spectrum of similar products or services.

User Research

It is key to know a product’s intended audience. Our user research comprises multiple methods for gaining insight into the needs and behaviors of real end users.

Understanding your users, how they use products and services and the business opportunities they present is key to a product’s success. Our service enables you to make better decisions and define achievable goals.

What are the benefits?

  • Create products that meet user and business needs using personas and real scenarios
  • Boost your opportunities for success with our decision-making tools
  • Define the scope of your product or service according to the context
  • Discover latent needs

We end up this part of the process having the “personas” prototypes and the use cases scenarios.

Competitor analysis

We evaluate your competitors, their advantages and disadvantages in order to help you better position your product or service on the market.

What are the benefits?

  • Auditing your competition will help you discover its weaknesses and find new opportunities
  • Our analysis will discover new market niches where your product or service can stand out or make a difference in people's life
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